Singer/Songwriter Margo Rey Masters "Roots of Rey"

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Hollywood, CA - February 2018 - Acclaimed singer-songwriter Margo Rey chose United Recording to master her new LP "The Roots of Rey."

The album, an American/Latin American songbook, seamlessly blends English and Spanish with masterful arrangements by multi-Grammy Award-winning pianist Oscar Hernandez.

"I take great care in my albums," said Rey. "They are reminiscent of small movies with a beginning, middle and end. Mastering is like polishing a special piece of jewelry. We loved working out the precise spacing between the songs, we didn't want the standard two seconds."

Rey added, "We've created a sonic journey with this album. I've been writing pop songs for more than a decade and it feels good to return to my jazz and Latin American roots. It was also a pleasure to work with United Recording's engineer Warren Sokol, who provided wonderful enhancements to our mixes."

"My job was easy because the mixes were so good. We didn't have to do any noise reduction or recover vocals", said Sokol. "Since the dynamics were maintained, we were able to increase the sound without ruining the dynamics that are essential to both Latin and jazz music. Oftentimes, mix engineers squash things and call it pre-mastering to resemble a finished product, which ultimately impedes our process."

Rey, an eight-time Billboard Top 20 chart-topping artist, has toured throughout North America, the U.K. and S. Korea. In 2012, she wrote her first hit single, "Let the Rain" with John Oates of Hall & Oates. Rey has also performed with Marc Anthony, Dave Koz, Kenny Loggins and the Spanish Harlem Orchestra.

The full album title is "The Roots of Rey | Despacito Margo" and is available now on iTunes:

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Pictured in United Recording's mastering suite are Margo Rey and engineer Warren Sokol. Photo by David Goggin.